Cookies and a Cactus

Saturdays are pretty standard. I take a Bar Method or yoga class, go to brunch with my family and then we shop (or go to Disney…super normal, no?). Saturdays in the suburbs… As newish homeowners we are constantly working on little projects. We’ve been in our house for less than 2 years so we are still in the process of … Read More

Boston – Vegan Finds

I spent 5 days frolicking the streets of Boston looking for a vegan Boston Creme Pie. When in Rome, right?! Also – when pregnant. I did not find a veganized version of the famous pastry. Boo. But, I did find Jennifer Lee’s Gourmet Bakery hiding inside the Boston Public Market. I walked (i.e. burned SO MANY extra calories) to the … Read More

Pineapple + Ginger Smoothie [recipe]

[Current obsession: Ginger Juice] You guys… I am obsessed with the pineapple + ginger flavor profile. You know when people say, “ahh, I feel so refreshed!” Well, what they are trying to say is, “I just had a pineapple ginger smoothie.” Recently, I was making my pineapple and ginger concoction and thought, “Why the hell is ginger so annoying?” Seriously, … Read More

I Got Juice’d

I feel like smoothie bowls are the new green smoothie. Ya know? Anyway, last week I made it my life’s mission to try as many smoothie bowls, smoothies and juices from Juice’d as possible. Luckily, Juice’d is a new locally owned shop that just opened up within walking distance from my home, which even more luckily means I get the neighborhood discount, a much … Read More

Restaurant Review: Baoery Asian Gastropub

 617 E. Central Blvd in Thornton Park, Downtown Orlando Last night, Tony and were conflicted on how to spend our Friday night date night. We planned to have a light dinner followed by painting at a local paint-your-own-pottery studio. This plan included leaving our puppy, Bagel, in her crate for a few hours. Fine. No? No. Puppy must come everywhere with … Read More