How I Plan to Feed My Baby: an organic infant formula review  

Many people have asked me how I plan to feed my baby girl, Piper, when she arrives in February. The question is reasonable considering that my own dietary choice labels me as a ovo-pesco vegetarian (translation: dairy free vegetarian who eats eggs and fish). I get the curiosity. Will my daughter be subjected to my “special” diet? It is something … Read More

What I Ate Wednesday #11 (at the most magical place on earth)

WIAW 6/19/2013 <– yeah, a month ago. sorry. This edition of What I Ate Wednesday should more accurately be entitled, What I Ate Wednesday a Month Ago.  I have really wanted to share this day of eats with you, but for some unfortunate reason, I am currently working 3 jobs (Child Nutrition Assistant at UCPS, Sales Associate at Madewell, Acting Teacher … Read More

So SoY-rry

I am a morning person. There may be a “once upon on time” when I was a night owl, but those times are long gone. My soul is domesticated and tired (of ?? the night life, baby ??) and I am the target audience for Folgers coffee commercials. I am also a brunch person and I often use the term as … Read More