I love to travel. I spend a lot of time talking about and planning trips. I don’t think this behavior requires much explanation, but for some reason I need to rant. The most annoying thing you can say to me about travel is: What are you running from? Traveling, for me, is not about running from anything or anywhere. In fact, I … Read More

Dehydrated Veggies? You Bet Your Grass.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to participate in the predictable and banal lunchtime pleasantries.  Not only was I a participant, I was front and center. You can blame my innocent vegan meal. It triggered the following remarks/questions: “Dairy doesn’t hurt the animal.” “If you love animals so much, why do you eat their food?” Barf. Yes, it does. Not only … Read More

Nuts & Bulks

We have a serious peanut/tree nut addiction. As a vegan(ish) girl in an American world, I rely on the available and convenient foods in this country. This means I eat processed food. <– Huge announcement. But, in my defense, I try to purchase such blasphemy in moderation and I always look for the better options.  And before you go turning … Read More