How I Plan to Feed My Baby: an organic infant formula review  

Many people have asked me how I plan to feed my baby girl, Piper, when she arrives in February. The question is reasonable considering that my own dietary choice labels me as a ovo-pesco vegetarian (translation: dairy free vegetarian who eats eggs and fish). I get the curiosity. Will my daughter be subjected to my “special” diet? It is something … Read More

Boston – Vegan Finds

I spent 5 days frolicking the streets of Boston looking for a vegan Boston Creme Pie. When in Rome, right?! Also – when pregnant. I did not find a veganized version of the famous pastry. Boo. But, I did find Jennifer Lee’s Gourmet Bakery hiding inside the Boston Public Market. I walked (i.e. burned SO MANY extra calories) to the … Read More

My Birthday Weekend, Pt. 1: Asheville

Tomorrow is my birthday and that is a big deal, in case you forgot (reminders 1, 2, & 3). Sadly, my 29th year starts on a Tuesday (I’m gonna kick Tuesday’s butt, how dairy it take control of MY day). This inconvenience forced me to celebrate early — but, don’t think that means I won’t be accepting gifts tomorrow. I … Read More

What I Ate Wednesday #18 {svelteness}

WIAW 10/30/2013 Happy “What I Ate Drank Wednesday,” o’mighty blog world. I am happy to report that I ate this Wednesday, and all the Wednesday’s prior. Moving on. What if there was a vegan protein shake that didn’t involve a blender or a plant-based protein powder? Like, what if all you had to do was: twist a cap, insert a straw, … Read More