She’s Here – A Birth Story

Welcome to the world, Piper Jo “PJ” Siceloff. 1.23.2017 // 1:41 pm // 6 lbs, 5 oz // 19” long // 37.0 weeks She is perfect. She fills places in my heart I did not know existed. I can’t believe I have a daughter. Below is Piper’s birth story. Beware, if you are easily offended by bodily fluids, this post … Read More


Hey hey. Missed ya. In order to get back into this blog groove, I have to start with some major updates. M A J O R. If I were to publish a new post without an update disclaimer, you’d probably wonder… WTH is going on here? I know I’ve only been gone for 20-something weeks, but let me tell you… LIFE HAS CHANGED! … Read More