Friday Favs: 1/19/18

Hellloooo again. Before I jump right into today’s post pretending I didn’t take an 11-month hiatus, let’s catch up. My daughter turns ONE on Tuesday! And…. I am pregnant! We are all caught up. You didn’t miss much. . . . Now that the 2018 grind is in full effect, I thought a Friday Favs post would be a good … Read More


This week is all about nesting and loving life in Orlando! My husband and I moved to Orlando over 3 months ago and are just now starting to feel settled at home. It’s not that our space (Tony hates when I call it our “space”) was covered in boxes or anything, it’s just we travel a lot! We would never complain … Read More

Friday Five

Happy Friday!! This week’s Friday Five is all about new food discoveries. The items and recipes below have been in my life for less than a week. But, I am positive they will make frequent cameos in my kitchen for years to come. Enjoy. 1)  Good Spread I’m really into “buy one, give one” shopping. Buying a jar of Good Spread peanut … Read More

Friday Favorites

All over the internet, bloggers share “Friday” themed posts. There are “Friday Favorites,” “Five Things Friday,” “High-Five Friday” and the list of posts goes on. I am jumping on the banwagon this week and sharing my five favorite things this week. I am a chump for a list. I am linking-up with the following blogs: Make sure you check out these awesome blogs! FRIDAY … Read More