How I Plan to Feed My Baby: an organic infant formula review  

Many people have asked me how I plan to feed my baby girl, Piper, when she arrives in February. The question is reasonable considering that my own dietary choice labels me as a ovo-pesco vegetarian (translation: dairy free vegetarian who eats eggs and fish). I get the curiosity. Will my daughter be subjected to my “special” diet? It is something … Read More

Cruise Recap: Disney Fantasy

This time last week, Tony and I were exploring the Caribbean Seas on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship. We were celebrating our two-year wedding anniversary. (But, really, who are we fooling? We just needed a good excuse to book a 7-night Disney cruise). The trip was magical (#disneyside)! I spent half of my time trying to sell the Disney Vacation Club … Read More

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Banana Muffins {recipe}

We go through bananas like a zoo of monkeys around here. My husband, who was apparently raised by apes, eats 2 bananas a day and I usually have at least one a day in a smoothie. If you do the math, that’s about 21 bananas a week between two people. My husband flew out of town yesterday for an unexpected work trip, … Read More

Tomato Soup and Corn Muffins {recipes}

As a child, the phrases “get out of the kitchen” and “shut the fridge” were all to familiar. My dad was the cook, it was his kitchen. So while my childhood memories are magical, not a single one includes learning to cook. I harbor no resentment. In fact, I give my father credit for the joy cooking brings me as an adult. Kitchen … Read More

Day 14/20: My mom in the kitchen.

If you’ve so much as glanced at any form of social media today, you know it is Mother’s Day. In case you are wondering, I did call my mom. I did not, however, send flowers, a gift, a greeting card, or an edible arrangement. I suck. But in honor of my mother, let me tell you a little bit about her kitchen … Read More