I love to travel. I spend a lot of time talking about and planning trips. I don’t think this behavior requires much explanation, but for some reason I need to rant. The most annoying thing you can say to me about travel is: What are you running from? Traveling, for me, is not about running from anything or anywhere. In fact, I … Read More


a restaurant review GIADA The Cromwell Hotel 3595 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109 I am no chef and I really don’t belong in the kitchen. I am clumsy and my food experiments are edible 50% of the time. There should be a sign in my kitchen that reads: EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK. (I tell myself my culinary … Read More


I spent last weekend in Las Vegas with my husband, Tony. This was our 4th trip to Sin City together – but it was my 7th trip. Needless to say, I love Vegas. I wish I could also tell you I love to gamble and spend my evenings fist pumping (is that still a thing?) with glow sticks. But, I … Read More

Food Blog Forum: Day 1

Hello, Asheville. I am officially at my first food blog forum! The event kicked off tonight with a welcome party including cocktails, appetizers, and live music! I am excited and eager to learn from other bloggers over the next two days. Here are some snapshots of the first night: Moonshine tastings, provided by Troy & Sons:   SWAG:  So far, so good. … Read More

NYC Eats {restaurant reviews}

I recently took my first trip to The Big Apple. Okay, that is a baby lie. Once, I went for a day trip when I was 20 with my cousin who lived in Connecticut. We took the train and walked around the city for hours. We couldn’t rub two nickels together. So, in all fairness, I recently took my first … Read More