WTH is Shea Butter?

What the hell is shea butter, really? Now that I am pregnant, these are the types of questions that keep me up at night. I have never been one to moisturize my body – I don’t use hand lotion or foot creme. I don’t see the point. Perhaps living in the super humid sunshine state most of my life has … Read More

Alternative Medicine: Acupuncture + Cupping 

I harbor a deep curiosity toward natural and holistic health. For some reason, I find “unconventional” modalities that offer alternatives to modern pharmaceuticals to be (a) less abrasive, (b) less invasive and (c) less expensive. Using natural remedies to heal the body makes sense to me – it connects the mortal roots to the immortal “Source.” Don’t get me wrong, … Read More

Spa Vibes

Pre-Christmas text message conversation: DAD Thinking about getting a massage for your mom for Christmas. Do you know a good place? ME There are wonderful spas everywhere, but I think it would be a fun idea to get her a massage at the spa in the Portifino Hotel (on Universal Studios property). It’s pretty and she could stay and use … Read More

Vegan Sandals

I recently decided that I want a pair of Birkenstock sandals and tattoos all over my body. The only problem, Birkenstock sandals are made out of leather and I’d rather not wear mammal parts on my feet – or anywhere on my person for that matter. It feels disrespectful. Scratch that, it is extremely disrespectful and inhumane. Watch Stella McCartney … Read More

Day 15/20: Beauty Buys

I spent 3 hours shopping for makeup today. How absurd? Half of that time was spent sitting in a high-top stool at a Laura Mercier counter while the best makeup artist in Charlotte applied every single water-proof product she had in her arsenal all over my face. GIRL.CAN.PAINT. I ended up purchasing a lot of the product she recommended. I will buy … Read More