Day 14/20: My mom in the kitchen.

If you’ve so much as glanced at any form of social media today, you know it is Mother’s Day. In case you are wondering, I did call my mom. I did not, however, send flowers, a gift, a greeting card, or an edible arrangement. I suck. But in honor of my mother, let me tell you a little bit about her kitchen … Read More

Toasters & Toilet Bowel Cleaner

My boyfriend and I are getting old….well old-ER. On Tuesday (10.16.2012) he officially turns 28. This my friend, makes him a Libra. Whether you give a flying cow about astrology or not, I love my Libra boyfriend and all things that signify balance – minus those awful scales nurse’s weigh you with. To celebrate Tony’s b-day, we headed to Burlington, North Carolina for … Read More