Cookies and a Cactus

Saturdays are pretty standard. I take a Bar Method or yoga class, go to brunch with my family and then we shop (or go to Disney…super normal, no?). Saturdays in the suburbs… As newish homeowners we are constantly working on little projects. We’ve been in our house for less than 2 years so we are still in the process of … Read More


The last time I published a blog post I was a North Carolina resident. In fact, when I started this blog, I lived in Charlotte, NC. Crazy! But, this post comes at you from the Sunshine State – my new (old) home. It’s DMV official –>  vehicle registration, license plate, DL and voter registration obtained. Also, added Walt Disney World season … Read More

Naturally Clean

When I think about living a healthier life, the first things that come to mind are diet and exercise. The truth is, however, that diet and exercise only comprise a small part of the healthy living equation. Everything we do, from brushing our teeth in the morning to tucking ourselves in at night, matters. What we think, say and act … Read More

A Vegan(ish) Thanksgiving

GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE. PUMPKIN PIE. REPEAT.  For years the Thanksgiving Holiday has brought me anxiety and left me feeling ostracized. There was nothing about a table full of meat and dairy that left me feeling talkative or social. Often, family and friends reached out and asked what they could prepare that would meet my self-imposed dietary restrictions. This kind of … Read More

Mr. & Mrs.

I am now…drum roll please…Mrs. Siceloff! I married Mr. Siceloff on Tuesday May 20, 2014.  I couldn’t be happier. Also, I couldn’t be more exhausted! The Mr. and I returned home to the Queen City last night after our 10 day trip to Orlando and the Bahamas. You see, we decided on a nontraditional wedding arrangement, opting for a “wedding moon.” We … Read More