Check-in 3: Attention to Intention

I did it. I cooked dinner 4 nights. I ate breakfast every day. I drank buckets of water. Check. Check. Check. Mission accomplished. As for the rest of my life, my intention is to keep my attention on my health. That means accepting the downs with the ups and responding in a way that serves my life. The key is … Read More

Check-in 2: Labor-O-Love

Day 4, Check-in 2 I cooked dinner Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and according to my challenge I am only one night away from victory. So, with all this cushion, I am obviously taking tonight off. Not because I don’t want to cook, but because I have a class from 5pm to 8pm. A class unlike any other, where we discuss … Read More

Vegan Pizza & Pumpkin Beer

Here IT is: a blog post. I have been dragging this idea around and dumping bits and pieces on my friends for some time now. So, to those who encouraged, helped, and supported me, I thank you. I have no idea how long this will last nor do I know how many people will read it, regardless my opinions and … Read More