I Got Juice’d

I feel like smoothie bowls are the new green smoothie. Ya know? Anyway, last week I made it my life’s mission to try as many smoothie bowls, smoothies and juices from Juice’d as possible. Luckily, Juice’d is a new locally owned shop that just opened up within walking distance from my home, which even more luckily means I get the neighborhood discount, a much … Read More

Restaurant Review: Baoery Asian Gastropub

 617 E. Central Blvd in Thornton Park, Downtown Orlando Last night, Tony and were conflicted on how to spend our Friday night date night. We planned to have a light dinner followed by painting at a local paint-your-own-pottery studio. This plan included leaving our puppy, Bagel, in her crate for a few hours. Fine. No? No. Puppy must come everywhere with … Read More

Good Reads

I used to read books, a lot. I used to read at night before bed. I used to read all day at the pool. I used to read on airplanes. Nowadays, I read the internet. I read blogs, I read social media, I read text messages. I remind myself to blink. On average, a person going through his or her … Read More

21 Day Challenge

This past week our friend from SC stayed with us a few nights in between taking his kids to Disney. One of his kids is a 16 year old girl who decided she needed lose 1/2 a pound (yes, my eyes popped out of my head). Normally, I would tell her she doesn’t need to worry about dieting and to … Read More

Sprinkle Me with Vegan Velvet

Full discloser: This is another Las Vegas post. Let’s just go ahead and call this Vegas week. Cool. The last three times I visited Sin City I was fortunate enough to find Sprinkles Cupcakes. Each visit I treat myself to a vegan red velvet cupcake. I order the red velvet flavor by default because it’s the only flavor victim of dietary … Read More