Hello, 2016.

Hello, fancy new blog. I published my first blog post on September 17, 2012. Over the years, my commitment to blogging has oscillated between consistent and nonexistent. Last year, my relationship with my blog got complicated. I no longer appreciated the aesthetics of my site. I no longer understood the direction/brand I wanted to share with the WWW. This left me with two … Read More


This week is all about nesting and loving life in Orlando! My husband and I moved to Orlando over 3 months ago and are just now starting to feel settled at home. It’s not that our space (Tony hates when I call it our “space”) was covered in boxes or anything, it’s just we travel a lot! We would never complain … Read More

Day in the Life :: the Monday Edition

After spending last week in paradise watching my friends, Melanie and Dave, say “I do,” I was brutality jolted back into reality by a 2:30am alarm. Good morning. Happy Mondaaaaaay. So now that it’s over (booooooo), it’s time to move on (ugh, impossible). Without further adieu, here is a “day in the life” of my “real world” shenanigans and eats: 2:30am: ALARM. … Read More


The last time I published a blog post I was a North Carolina resident. In fact, when I started this blog, I lived in Charlotte, NC. Crazy! But, this post comes at you from the Sunshine State – my new (old) home. It’s DMV official –>  vehicle registration, license plate, DL and voter registration obtained. Also, added Walt Disney World season … Read More

Friday Five

Happy Friday!! This week’s Friday Five is all about new food discoveries. The items and recipes below have been in my life for less than a week. But, I am positive they will make frequent cameos in my kitchen for years to come. Enjoy. 1)  Good Spread I’m really into “buy one, give one” shopping. Buying a jar of Good Spread peanut … Read More