Hey hey. Missed ya. In order to get back into this blog groove, I have to start with some major updates. M A J O R. If I were to publish a new post without an update disclaimer, you’d probably wonder… WTH is going on here? I know I’ve only been gone for 20-something weeks, but let me tell you… LIFE HAS CHANGED! … Read More

Valentines Day Palooza

Okay, so maybe “palooza” is an exaggeration and maybe we celebrated the day before Cupid started launching love-arrows into our hearts. Whatever. As long as we made time to celebrate love, all is right. Right?! A timeline of love: Tony and I met online in October 2011. We were both new to the Charlotte area with no real social network or … Read More

YTT, Month 2: Sutras

I recently started yogi school . The program is designed to bring curious souls and like-minded thinkers together one Friday night plus one full weekend (Friday night + all day Saturday and Sunday) per month over the course of eight months (January to August). Month one has omfficially ended. We covered many topics in month one –  history, philosophy, anatomy, posture cues, affirmations, … Read More

Passionate about Patchouli

I made a well-planned and purpose-driven pitstop at The Fresh Market on my way home from the gym. It has been a long time since my last visit – Tony and I moved to a building attached to a Publix, thus, limiting my trips to my favorite fancyass grocery stores. Anyhow, I stopped at The Fresh Market for good reason (scouts honor, … Read More

YTT, Day 1: Following Curiosities

Inspirit Yoga Studio 7575 Kingspointe Parkway Unit #21 Orlando, Fl 32819 It’s Omficial. I am in yogi school. “The goal of this training is for you to obtain knowledge, perspective, and confidence to find your own voice and create your own unique style to share for the well-being of those around you. The body is limited and the mind is unlimited, so … Read More