Yoga Confession: Pregnancy & Practice

Since graduating YTT in August, I have not taught or practiced yoga. Whew. I feel better. Okay, so what happened? Let me tell you. Everything in my yoga world was gaining momentum. From January to June I was a dedicated yogi – exploring the practice beyond the physical limb. I was even teaching beginner yoga classes a few times a … Read More


Hey hey. Missed ya. In order to get back into this blog groove, I have to start with some major updates. M A J O R. If I were to publish a new post without an update disclaimer, you’d probably wonder… WTH is going on here? I know I’ve only been gone for 20-something weeks, but let me tell you… LIFE HAS CHANGED! … Read More

Valentines Day Palooza

Okay, so maybe “palooza” is an exaggeration and maybe we celebrated the day before Cupid started launching love-arrows into our hearts. Whatever. As long as we made time to celebrate love, all is right. Right?! A timeline of love: Tony and I met online in October 2011. We were both new to the Charlotte area with no real social network or … Read More

YTT, Month 2: Sutras

I recently started yogi school . The program is designed to bring curious souls and like-minded thinkers together one Friday night plus one full weekend (Friday night + all day Saturday and Sunday) per month over the course of eight months (January to August). Month one has omfficially ended. We covered many topics in month one –  history, philosophy, anatomy, posture cues, affirmations, … Read More

Passionate about Patchouli

I made a well-planned and purpose-driven pitstop at The Fresh Market on my way home from the gym. It has been a long time since my last visit – Tony and I moved to a building attached to a Publix, thus, limiting my trips to my favorite fancyass grocery stores. Anyhow, I stopped at The Fresh Market for good reason (scouts honor, … Read More