B.day Recap

Since I kind of made a huge deal about my birthday, I will give you a little recap on what ACTUALLY happened v. what I PLANNED. And by planned I mean: I thought about it in my head. Come on, I am waaaaaaaaay too busy to plan anything other than my basic daily living needs. <– excuse  The original vision: Red theme in honor … Read More

Let me share MySpace with you

Happy Nov. 1 everyone. This is my Birthday month, so get ready for frequent reminders. I like birthdays. Surely this will change as I age, but I am currently choosing to remain blissful at a chance to throw an extravagant gathering, to purchase a perfect party dress, and to eat vegan birthday cake. Past Birthdays… One of the best things … Read More

My T-Swift Gift

I have always been one of those people who adores birthdays, especially mine. If you find yourself anywhere near me around my birthday, you will KNOW!  If you happen to be a friend with a birthday close to mine, I will go gangsta on you and rob your birthday from you. Just ask my friends John and Jimmy. Their birthdays … Read More

Soccer Balls & Shaker Balls

I am officially the worst team player on the planet. I have now missed three consecutive soccer games in a row. This behavior is new for me. When I played competitively (like a million years ago) you couldn’t get me off the field to save your life. I was the first one there and the last one gone, unless, of … Read More