“Are you vegan?”


Hi! My name is Carly, nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my Orlando-based blog-o-sphere. I am a registered dietitian by day and a holistic health aficionado, plant-eater, animal lover, Internet addict, Bravo watcher, theme park junkie maestro by night. I try not to take myself too seriously, which is why I deemed my dietary habits “veganish.” It’s way easier than explaining “pesco-ovo vegetarian” before every meal. It also sounds less pretentious.

Why don’t I consume or encourage dairy consumption or other animal by-products? The list of reasons is long and growing (from the earth?). I am not starving, so it appears my dietary habits are nutritiously copasetic (and supported by loads of science).

But, to answer that question, here are a few very basic reasons:

• My health
• I love animals
• Preservation of our planet and it’s beautiful people
“No dairy or land animals, please.”Carly

Unfortunately, my choices (of privilege, I know) are filled with endless annoyances, especially while dining out or grocery shopping. Still, I manage to conquer greasy diners and commercial commerce and persevere. It is possible to defeat the conveniences that dictate the cycle! The endless choices (or pasta bowls) with fancy labels and clever slogans burden consumers with choice, and you “butter” believe me – I’ve made mine.

In addition to eating “veganish,” I strive to live a planet-friendly and clean life by reducing my carbon footprint and exposure to toxic chemicals as much as possible. I buy recycled products, I buy fair-trade products, I avoid plastic bottles/containers, I don’t shower… just kidding, I shower and shave my armpits. I buy organic and non-toxic food, beauty and home items. I try to cultivate a clean, honest, natural and normal life.

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My blog is not intended to preach, convert or combat with people and their choices. I am not the food police or Mother Earth. There are no diatribes of right versus wrong. I simply love to over-share my opinions, observations and adventures of my “veganish” life.

Let’s converse.

I eat plants. I live sustainable. I’m veganish.

Start living veganish