Jan 19, 2018

Friday Favs: 1/19/18

Hellloooo again.

Before I jump right into today’s post pretending I didn’t take an 11-month hiatus, let’s catch up.

My daughter turns ONE on Tuesday! And…. I am pregnant!

We are all caught up. You didn’t miss much.




Now that the 2018 grind is in full effect, I thought a Friday Favs post would be a good way to share what’s been going on in my head as of late. I’ve taken on some new interests/obsessions and I need an outlet for oversharing.

  1. Astrology

I love learning/studying/practicing Law of Attraction and I try to practice with mediation, positive thinking, crystals, yoga, journals, etc. Ya know, all that alignment and shifting your vibration stuff. My interest in transforming energy and the cosmos led me to a few podcasts on the subject. Somewhere down this rabbit hole I stumbled into astrology and immediately became OBSESSED.

I always enjoyed reading my horoscope (scorpio) but I never really gave it much meaning or concern. I gave it the same seriousness as a fortune cookie. Fun, but always in one ear and out the other.

Everything has changed. Now, I want a full birth chart reading and I want to study the planets and their orbits. I need to know everything! I bought these books to get me started:


It is my 2018 goal (sooner rather than later) to meet with an astrologist and get a birth chart reading. I definitely believe the human experience is connected to the ethers of the universe and our existence is not a coincidence. I think any information that leads us toward a deeper understanding of who we are, and why we are here, can guide us toward healing and fulfillment and all that jazz. There are so many spiritual stories that collide with science … there has to be some truth to this stuff. (Though, my college astronomy professor firmly discredited any of these ideas on the first day of class. I guess he was over the confusion between astrology and astronomy.)

Once I get my birth chart reading, I will be sure to share my experience! Stay tuned.


  1. Slip On Sneakers

Pregnancy comes with super powers: amazing hair, special treatment (everyone is so nice to pregnant women) and maternity pants. For real, I started wearing my maternity pants the minute I saw a positive pregnancy test.

On the flip side, pregnancy comes with limitations: wine, sushi, saunas and cute clothes (the comfy elastic band in the pants is the only redeemable fashion pro). So while I wait for this baby to bake, my shopping focus: shoes.

I got these at Target yesterday for $12. They are dark green in person.

It’s pretty cold for FL right now and I am not really digging boots this year. Too much effort? I don’t know. I’m just not into it. Instead, I am super into sneakers – athletic and casual. Really into the slip on look. Also…I have a one-year-old (almost) and I’m 18 weeks pregnant – comfort and convenience is everything!


*Don’t worry. This will NEVER turn into a fashion blog.



  1. RVs

Don’t judge me. Sometimes my brain (and this blog) feels like the Suzanne Vega song, Tom’s Diner. Just a random stream of consciousness. Sometimes one of the random thoughts sticks and I immediately start trying to manifest it into reality.

I don’t know when or where I developed my RV obsession. Maybe it stemmed from the thought of flying or driving with 2 kids and dog more than 100 miles? How much better would traveling be in an RV?! I am dreaming here – but imagine: no need to board our dog for trips, no hotels, no need to pack and unpack over and over, a kitchen, a TV, space to stretch your legs, space to change a diaper, the list goes on!

Thankfully, my husband shares my curiosity. We are going to an RV show this Sunday to do some exploring. We won’t be buying anything, yet! But, we do have a lot of questions so hopefully we will have a better understanding of RV life. In my head there will be raffles at the show and we will win an RV. If and when we acquire an RV we will name it The Winnie-Bagel (after our dog, Bagel). Get it? Haha. Instead of a Winnebago. Ha.

RV’s are like boats, right? You name them? I don’t really know.


Happy Friday. 🙂


Maybe my zodiac stars will align and I will win an RV while I browse around in my slip on sneakers!



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