Feb 7, 2017

She’s Here – A Birth Story

Welcome to the world, Piper Jo “PJ” Siceloff.

1.23.2017 // 1:41 pm // 6 lbs, 5 oz // 19” long // 37.0 weeks

She is perfect. She fills places in my heart I did not know existed.

I can’t believe I have a daughter.

Below is Piper’s birth story. Beware, if you are easily offended by bodily fluids, this post might be too graphic for you. (Seriously, there will be pee, poop and blood talk below).

Monday, January 23, 2017

I woke up at 7am and started my morning rituals. I was 37 weeks pregnant, exactly. Randomly, I was working from home, which only happens once or twice a month. I made breakfast and fired up my laptop. I started emailing and catching up on administrative stuff. As I sipped my coffee, I felt a mild cramp and the urge to poop.

Considering this was my first pregnancy, I had no idea what a contraction was supposed to feel like. Naturally, I Googled it. Apparently, cramps and pooping sensations fit the bill for a contraction. Who knew?

At my last doctor’s appointment (3 days prior), I was warned that I would probably give birth early. I was one centimeter dilated and baby Piper was in position. I shared this news with some mommy friends and was quickly informed that “this is normal” and that they “tell everyone that.” I was also told I could be “one centimeter dilated for weeks” and that “first time moms never give birth early”.

Anyway, back to the story. The contraction did not last long and was not painful. I dismissed it and continued working (dumb). A few minutes later I felt the urge to pee. I did not make it to the bathroom before I lost control of my bladder (or so I thought). I had heard of pregnant women peeing themselves before, so I thought, no big deal. I changed my underwear and got back to business. To my surprise, it happened again a few minutes later. Now, after two underwear changes, I Googled “water breaking.” Apparently, it can be described as a leak or a gush of water. I started to text my mommy friends who told me I should go to the hospital (smart). I also decided it was a good time to wake my husband up. GOOD MORNING!

My urgency to get to the hospital was nonexistent. I decided I would take a shower, start some laundry (all my hospital clothes were dirty), pack a bag and then call the doctor. My husband was pleading with me to leave immediately. I poured another cup of coffee, started the laundry and headed to the shower (delusion).

After showering, I started packing my toiletries. As I stood in my bathroom, nonchalantly packing, a gush of water hit the floor below me. I mean, a gush-o-water! I knew immediately that my water broke – no need for a Google search.

With my water broken and my contractions (painless at this point) coming closer together, we started packing the car. I was hoping my clothes would dry before we left so I stalled as much as possible. My husband was not amused. Finally, he got me (sans laundry) and the dog in the car.

We took our dog to doggy day care on the way to the hospital. As we pulled up to the valet, my contractions intensified. Just like a movie, the valet guy opened the door and I could not move. I had never felt pain like that before. I denied a wheelchair, because I am a pain in the ass, and waited for the contraction to pass before wobbling to triage.

Once there, my contractions were unbearable and less than a minute apart. I communicated this pain with every single nurse and hospital worker in my path. No one seemed to take me seriously. I sat in the waiting room and watched a girl who said she was 2 months pregnant go ahead of me. This was very frustrating because I was in active labor! What happened to, “we take patients in order of acuity”??? HELP ME!

Finally, I got the message across and was taken to a room to receive care. While they were setting up my room, I had to pee. I wobbled to the restroom in between contractions which were back to back at this point. When I looked down, I saw a ton of blood. I started crying and I pulled the red “help” string. Three nurses came to the room and assured me this was normal. Um, okay…it did not feel normal and I was terrified.

I started stripping off my clothes as I walked back to my room. I am sure I looked crazy. At this point, the nursing staff probably thought I was just being dramatic. My poor husband was picking up my clothes behind me and listening to me cry out in pain.

A few minutes later, they “checked” me to see how dilated I was. According to the nurse, I was fully dilated. OOPS – time to move!

I was rushed to a birthing room and the doctor was notified. I was not crazy after all – I was about to have a baby!

The doctor re-checked me and said I was actually 8.1 centimeters. I was offered an epidural and took it without hesitation. (For all the natural birth moms – way to go!). I did not want nor need to feel any more labor pains.

The pain subsided completely and I found peace. My husband was also grateful for the epidural because who wants to watch their loved one suffer?

The nurses placed a peanut ball in between my legs and let me rest before pushing. (The peanut ball works to open “the pelvic outlet” and allows “the baby to descend into the birth canal”). Less than an hour later, I was ready to push. I pushed 4 times before I heard my husband say, “Oh my God.”

And there she was.

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