Oct 18, 2016

Boston – Vegan Finds

I spent 5 days frolicking the streets of Boston looking for a vegan Boston Creme Pie. When in Rome, right?! Also – when pregnant. I did not find a veganized version of the famous pastry. Boo. But, I did find Jennifer Lee’s Gourmet Bakery hiding inside the Boston Public Market. I walked (i.e. burned SO MANY extra calories) to the BPM 4 days in a row to try a new vegan pastry (also, secretly hoping they would make a vegan Boston creme pie).


Yep. Still a dietitian. Yep. I know eating pastries everyday is not the best idea. But, hey, it was blog research. I did it for you! 😉

pastry(cinnamon roll, pumpkin donut, chocolate chai donut, apple turnover)

My other vegan find was a place called Cocobeet. How cute is that name!? I would name my child Cocobeet if I hadn’t already branded her Piper (arriving February 2017). Anyway, Cocobeet (so fun to say) is pretty much the exact opposite of vegan donuts and pastries… what can I say, I balance well on a tight-rope of nutrition values.


Cocobeet makes plant-based, organic, raw, vegan super foods. Their menu includes smoothies, cold-pressed juices, desserts (except Boston Creme Pie) and super healthy meals. My favorite was the Green Monkey (kale, kiwi, banana, orange, lemon, filtered water). I also had the Blue Coconut (blueberry, homemade almond mylk, dates, almond butter, coconut oil, chia seeds) and the Kale Karma (kale, pear, pineapple, lemon, filtered H20, probiotics).

There is something about drinking green goo that makes you feel like a superhero. Ya know what I mean? Seriously, green goo makes you glow.

So there you have it, my 2 vegan finds in a city filled with lobster rolls, pasta and Boston Creme Pies (nope, not over it).

Pastries and power smoothies.

My life is filled with contradictions.

Jennifer Lee’s Gourmet Bakery: 100 Hanover St Boston, MA 02108 (inside the Boston Public Market)

Cocobeet: 100 city hall plaza boston, MA 02108


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