Oct 15, 2016

Boston – First Impressions

Hello, Boston.


This is my first trip to Boston.  I’ve always wanted to visit this historic city, but I never really had a reason (not that you need one) to make travel arrangements. But, thanks to FNCE, my favorite dietitian nerdfest, here I am.

FNCE, or the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, is an annual event hosted by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It is always in a major city and normally in mid October. The 4-day event includes various educational sessions on trending, current and innovative nutrition concepts and research. Attending the event guarantees a ton of continuing education credits (required to maintain national dietitian credidentials), but more importantly, it allows you to network and avoid career burnout! It keeps you relevant and engaged in the ever changing science of health. Okay, enough “work” chat.


Boston – so far:

I flew in around 10:00am, picked up my rental car and headed to The Omni Parker House. My first impression of the city was a little disenchanting. The traffic was horrific – so many pedestrians crossing the streets, people honking and congestion! I had no idea the streets of downtown Boston were so tight and narrow. It is more like NYC (traffic wise) than other cities I’ve been to. Once I found my hotel, I was informed that parking was $46 dollars per day, $46!!!! Rough start. 🙁

When I finally waltzed into the ornate hotel lobby, I checked-in and was immediately granted access to my room. The hotel staff was pleasant and accommodating (i.e., they entertained my vexed entrance) – they made me feel like a fancypants.

Boston, you have been redeemed – I know, I have such a fickle heart. What can I say? I am a sucker for good customer service and an early check-in.

The hotel has a historic vibe, feels like traveling back in time, you know, to a time when people conversed sans computer screens and engaged in the sharing of ideas and exciting rhetoric that expanded their critical, thirsty minds – a time when thoughts were formulated and discussed without dot-com’s to hide behind.

But really, it just made me want to dress up like Jackie O and read classic literature on a park bench while the afternoon faded away.


Speaking of Jackie O, I was informed by the bellman that she got engaged here (!!) – The Omni Parker House! JFK proposed to Jackie O at this exact table:


Isn’t it funny how an ordinary dining table can transform into a grandiose tourist attraction that generates reverence and RESERVATIONS (table 40)! But, seriously, how romantic?!

Overall, my first impressions of Boston can be summed up with the following observations:

  • historic
  • busy
  • cold!
  • charming
  • stressful (traffic)
  • Americana, yet worldly
  • cultural depth

I still have a lot of exploring to do – I haven’t even started to investigate the culinary scene! But so far, I am impressed, inspired and profoundly interested in learning more about one of the oldest cities in the heart of one of America’s original 13 colonies.



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