Feb 19, 2016


I love to travel. I spend a lot of time talking about and planning trips. I don’t think this behavior requires much explanation, but for some reason I need to rant.

The most annoying thing you can say to me about travel is:

What are you running from?

Traveling, for me, is not about running from anything or anywhere. In fact, I love coming home just as much as I love leaving home. Suggesting that I dwell in some abstract, afflicted abyss that I must abdicate to feel unequivocal gratification is insulting. My wanderlust is a direct result of the fluidity of life’s energies and curiosities. It has nothing to do with running away.

I am not running from – I am running to.

I am running to new experiences, new people, new cultures and new lessons. I am running to discover new sights, new smells, new sounds, new stories and new flavors. I am running to explore and to see beyond the familiar, to live, to connect fully.


I am not sure why people wonder why I wander.

Why do you travel?


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