May 26, 2014

Mr. & Mrs.

I am now…drum roll please…Mrs. Siceloff! I married Mr. Siceloff on Tuesday May 20, 2014.  I couldn’t be happier.

Also, I couldn’t be more exhausted! The Mr. and I returned home to the Queen City last night after our 10 day trip to Orlando and the Bahamas. You see, we decided on a nontraditional wedding arrangement, opting for a “wedding moon.” We basically squeezed the actual wedding day smack dab in the middle of a Disney/Orlando honeymoon; the whole trip involved very little sleep! So, in an effort to hurry over to the couch with a glass of vino and my Bravo girls, I am simply going to share a mini photo book. After all, they say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Who am I to disagree?

The wedding 

wedding 3

wedding 1

wedding 2

wedding 4

wedding 5

The honeymoon 

honey moon 3

honey moon 4

honey moon 1

honey moon 2

honey moon 5

I do!,
Mrs. Carly Siceloff

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