How I Plan to Feed My Baby: an organic infant formula review  

Many people have asked me how I plan to feed my baby girl, Piper, when she arrives in February. The question is reasonable considering that my own dietary choice labels me as a ovo-pesco vegetarian (translation: dairy free vegetarian who eats eggs and fish). I get the curiosity. Will my daughter be subjected to my “special” diet? It is something ... Read More

Reflections + Resolutions: 2016/2017

First, I’d like to take a moment to ask Father Time to slow this shit down. Is it just me, or does time seem to accelerate at a faster rate as we age? I mean… where the heck did 2016 go? This past year has been an eventful one, both in the media/public arena as well as in my personal/professional ... Read More

Vanilla Bean Bread Pudding + Vegan Biscoff Sauce {recipe}

My husband and I celebrated our last Christmas Before Child (CBC) this year. We made every effort to do very little of anything. Next year, there will be a tiny human involved, so Lord only knows what the season will bring. Surely, there will be an ornament shortage on the bottom half of our Christmas tree and a “My First ... Read More

WTH is Shea Butter?

What the hell is shea butter, really? Now that I am pregnant, these are the types of questions that keep me up at night. I have never been one to moisturize my body – I don’t use hand lotion or foot creme. I don’t see the point. Perhaps living in the super humid sunshine state most of my life has ... Read More


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